Sprint! A Five-Day Process To Crack The Issues Holding Your Business Back

Somewhere along the way, the world of marketing took a wrong turn.
It became overly complicated.
It became narrow-minded.
And worst of all, it forgot to be fun.
We want to get things back on track.
By using creative ‘sprints’ to get to the heart of the matter, fast.
By using workshops and collaboration to find out what really makes your business tick.
And by tilting the work/play balance in the right direction.

We’ll show you how, in 5 days, you and your team can align, design, prototype and test, with real users, solutions to brand, marketing, product, service and business challenges, and how we’ve done this for Expedia, Prudential and Penguin to help them sell holidays, financial security and books.

Event Digital Marketing Summit 19 October 2017

Speaker/s Nathan Fulwood, Strategy Director at CreateFuture, Dave Ward, Creative Director at CreateFuture,