The Night AI Predicted Human Behaviour Better Than The Humans: Introducing Havas Cognitive’s EagleAi

On the 8th November 2016 the shock election of President Donald Trump reverberated around the world. Pollsters, political commentators and experts all missed it, declaring that there would not be a Trump victory. They were all wrong. All except one robot. EagleAi was built to analyse and understand what mattered to the millions of voters in this historic election. It was built by Havas for ITV News. And it called it right. So how did a robot predict human behaviour better than all the humans? And how much of a role does bias really play in our decisions and our actions? Lisa De Bonis, Havas London’s Executive Digital Director, who chaperoned EagleAi on TV, will explain the future applications of Havas Cognitive and tell you what Tom Bradby’s really like without his make up on!

Event Digital Marketing Conference 30 November 2016

Speaker/s Lisa De Bonis, Executive Digital Director at Havas,