Medical Care In The Frontline – How Digital Delivers

In this presentation you will learn about MSF’s delivery of medical aid in the most remote and insecure communities, and how this is made possible by a ‘digital first’ approach. The changing lifestyles of supporters have transformed MSF’s fundraising efforts, placing digital at the heart of a revolution in communications. This has closed the distance between the generous individuals who give to MSF and the medical teams that they help. The result is that the majority of new supporters now give digitally. The pace of change continues to accelerate in 2018, and James Kliffen from MSF will describe how new methods of giving are being pioneered at music festivals this summer. Delgates will also learn how they can volunteer to be involved in MSF’s work, using a laptop or smartphone, as part of the ‘Missing Maps’ initiative.

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Event Digital Marketing Conference 12 July 2018

Speaker/s James Kliffen, Head of Fundraising at Médecins Sans Frontières,