Effective Marketing For SEO And SEM

In Sweden there are approximately 60 million searches done everyday. In order to be found by your customers in the search motors you need to be seen where your target customers are and where the competition is. Working with SEO and SEM requires you to map out your customers search habits and identify what is behind each search and the specific communication paths to match your target groups needs. When you sync work within SEO and SEM you increase your chances that you will always be found in relevant searches and therefore maximise your exposure in search results. iProspect will talk about how you can best form a strategy for working with SEO and SEM to effectively increase business sales.

Event Figaro Digital Marketing Forum 5 October 2017

Speaker/s Emelie Ockenström Norberg, SEO & Social Media Specialist at iProspect, Christian Langéen, Paid Search Lead Specialist at iProspect,