Communication Is Key To Effective Digital Transformation

Research shows that most organisations undergo major change about once every three years. But, as well as the big transformation projects, there’s also a constant churn of many smaller changes taking place that require the sharing of information. No matter where you sit within your organisation, defining and articulating the vision that will transform your business can be challenging. We all know that communication is vital, but what’s the secret to doing it well? How do you communicate transparently and in real-time, whilst celebrating successes and accepting and discussing our failures? How do you get stakeholders across multiple business units to unite behind a single idea? How do you translate abstract ideas into tangible projects to get buy-in? Even more importantly, how can we recruit change and transformation ambassadors to help us spread a positive message both internally and externally?

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Event Digital Marketing Conference 11 July 2019

Speaker/s Shelley Hoppe, Agency Director at Spoon London,