Are You A Cat Person Or A Dog Person? Welcome To A World Where Pets Power Personalisations Across The Whole User Journey

TrustedHousesitters is the world’s largest house and pet sitting site. It’s great to be number one, but tricky when you are having to educate a market while also converting them. The Brighton-based sharing economy start-up is at the beginning of a process to make the site experience work better for every visitor, from the first touch to the retention at the end of the member journey. Jess Stephens, CMO at TrustedHousesitters will talk about recent wins and future plans and will share insights about the brand including what happens when Mr Sulu from Star Trek shares your story with 10 million followers.

Event Digital Marketing Conference 20 July 2017

Speaker/s Jessica Stephens, Chief Marketing Officer at TrustedHousesitters,