Attribution Is Broken – How to Fix Yours Without Spending a Ton of Money

“Half of my marketing budget is wasted; I just don’t know which half.” This observation made in the 1890s launched attribution modelling. The question, however, is who benefits from attribution modelling? Quite simply, the answer is the people that think half of the marketing budget is wasted is the finance department. In this session, Skip will give you a straightforward approach to determine:
• How much marketing budget you need to achieve the goals you’ve been given by management
• How to best deploy that budget
• A clear picture of how much you should be spending to acquire each lead
• A logical and defensible means to justify their discounting strategy
• An understanding of whether your tests are working or not

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Event Digital Marketing Summit 24 October 2019

Speaker/s Skip Fidura, Author, Speaker, Expert at ,