Summer Update: Mapp Cloud Offers Even More Precise Control of the Customer Journey via Web Push

Tue 7th Sep

Mapp, the international provider of insight-led customer experiences, is presenting extensive product updates to its Mapp Cloud marketing platform. This year’s Summer Update encompasses 16 new functionalities and improvements including the integration of Web Push messages. In addition, Mapp Cloud can now be seamlessly integrated with various partner tools such as eCommerce shops, while enabling smarter product recommendations. This allows marketers to design the customer journey even more precisely to achieve marketing goals efficiently.

Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp, comments, “With the latest update to Mapp Cloud, we have reached another significant milestone. Creating insight-led customer experiences is based on the ability to derive true customer insights from the data at hand, and to incorporate these insights into customer communications across all channels. With Web Push, we provide our customers with yet another marketing channel that can be used to optimise conversion rates and to reactivate consumers online. Added to this is the new Analytics API, which allows customers and partners to create their own solutions based on smart data from Mapp Intelligence.”

As a central component of Mapp Cloud, the new Web Push function enables marketers to create and deliver targeted Web Push messages based on the real-time behaviour of visitors without them needing to provide an email address or download an app. As Web Push is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels, the feature also complements cross-channel marketing strategies, such as upselling or to reactivate shopping cart abandonment in a targeted manner.

Furthermore, additional features will be added to Mapp Cloud:

Analytics API for Mapp Intelligence

Mapp’s new Analytics API makes data analysis available programmatically. Companies can now access all of Mapp Intelligence’s functionalities for marketing analytics while simultaneously enabling them to develop their own applications and reports. Overall, this new analytics API allows close integration with third-party systems such as eCommerce shops, content management systems, data visualisation tools, and similar applications.

API-based triggers in marketing automation

Mapp’s Open Marketing Automation Platform is becoming even more powerful. Marketing automation workflows can now be triggered by a simple API call. This enables marketer to build customised integrations into existing technology stacks, allowing them to send email, push, or SMS messages easily and effectively through the Marketing Automation module (“Whiteboard”) using targeted event parameters for highly personalised messages.

Product recommendations for larger shopping baskets

Product recommendations have been revised and will be rolled out incrementally. The focus here is to offer even more options for customised buying tips and product recommendations across channels. Based on AI-supported algorithms, shopping basket values can be increased through automated targeting. At the same time, the import of product recommendation data from Mapp Intelligence or third-party systems into Mapp Engage has been simplified significantly.

New Smart Notifications

Mapp’s Smart Notifications will soon show new functionalities. Marketers will be able to receive notifications about newly captured referrers, campaigns, products, and websites.

Flutter support for the Mapp Intelligence App SDK

Implementing Mapp Intelligence’s tracking technology in mobile apps is becoming even easier, as the Mapp Intelligence App Tracking Library now supports Flutter – Google’s popular cross-platform software development kit (SDK).

Shopify plugin for Mapp Cloud

The Summer Update focuses on data exchange with eCommerce shops. In the future, Mapp Cloud users will benefit from being able to integrate data and events with Shopify.

Simple data exchange via Shopware Connector

The integration with Shopware has been simplified. User attributes can now be synchronised between both systems, contact data can be added, and transactional emails can be triggered.

New navigation bar for Mapp Engage

Mapp’s UI and UX teams have developed a new, more intuitive navigation menu based on customer feedback. Workflows can now be completed even faster in Mapp Engage, the menu is easier to navigate, and search has been optimised to a high level of usability. Further improvements to the Mapp Cloud user interface are currently under development.

The Summer Update includes numerous other innovations. A detailed summary of all functionalities and improvements can be found here: