ROAST: Study Confirms The Enduring Effectiveness Of Contextual Targeting

Mon 18th Jun

Digital performance agency ROAST and inventor of native video advertising Teads have partnered to produce an in-depth study into the power of contextual targeting and the opportunities it holds for brands and advertisers post GDPR.

Whilst GDPR compliance has been front of mind for most marketers since its announcement, advertisers have been seeking a solution to the imminent lack of data. The two businesses carried out the study to understand the enduring effectiveness and relevancy of contextual targeting.

“We know GDPR will disrupt the very basis of the programmatic audience buying we’ve become accustomed to – the data that underpins it. Cookies and IDFAs are used to track individuals across the web and, previously, web browsers and mobile operating systems had allowed wide scope for them to be used as advertising identifiers. The GDPR re-categorises both cookies and IDFAs as personally-identifiable information, and therefore restricts their use, unless the user offers explicit consent.” Lucy Cunningham, Head of Mobile and Display at ROAST 

“Historically Teads have built a business based on contextual buys, meaning a large part of their proposition needs no change. The 3rd party data that Teads overlays will be GDPR-verified, allowing access to users who have opted in to have their data collected and used for advertising purposes. We decided to partner together to run a piece of activity which would test our assumptions about the two main approaches to media buying.”Amy Pearce, Account Director at Teads

The study ROAST and Teads carried out proved the hypothesis that, by using a carefully curated white list, you can run contextual targeting which will perform as strongly as a media buy using a 3rd party data overlay. Using a complex ranking methodology pre-campaign, the two companies examined contextual buys, taking into consideration site speed, ad density and other factors vs. a 3rd party data overlay buy.

You can download the report in its entirety here

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