Spinnaker Launches Asset Management Hub For Sony Pictures

Mon 1st Oct

We are thrilled to have launched a newly built bespoke Asset Management Hub for Sony Pictures.

The versatile and powerful new online tool enables Sony to upload, organise, and track asset distribution for all their film launches to exhibitors and other key partners.

Built as a scalable tool the hub enables the upload of all forms of content from large TV spot and trailer content through to static social memes. Both layered and standard files, to very large file size, can be accommodated.

Content can be categorised and searched in a variety of forms. It also has built in functionality to enable sharing of assets across user types dependent on tier and profile. From a performance and tracking point of view the hub provides insights into use and downloads of varying types of asset across different film titles and genres.

We are looking forward to working with Sony on further developments as we add new features and functions around tracking, sharing and distribution options.