Selligent Marketing Cloud Expands ‘Wave’ Capabilities To Deliver Flexible Omnichannel Campaign Orchestration

Tue 2nd Apr

Global B2C marketing automation company Selligent Marketing Cloud today announced Custom Channels, a new functionality that expands the powerful capabilities of its existing Wave Component. The typical Wave functionality allows marketers to send bulk messages in batches or “waves” via email, mobile push or SMS.

Selligent Marketing Cloud’s Custom Channels extends this to third-party execution engines, including social channels such as Twitter and Facebook, or business systems like a company’s Sales CRM or other platforms used to interact with consumers. This capability empowers brands to create digital journeys with greater flexibility, delivering consistent, orchestrated messages and a true omnichannel experience to consumers regardless of the communications solutions they use.

“As we continue to expand our product capabilities, we remain focused on keeping our platform flexible, extensible and easy to use for marketers around the world. Often technology providers tout one holy grail solution that seamlessly works across teams and functions. The reality is most brands are not standardised on a single solution across their organizations. Our new Custom Channels capability resolves a marketer’s omnichannel campaign orchestration challenge by providing the flexibility to link to any platform to seamlessly deliver consistent communications regardless of channel.” Todd McCaslin, Chief Product Officer, Selligent Marketing Cloud

Selligent Marketing Cloud’s new functionality comes on the heels of recent partnership announcements with Customer Experience Management (CEM) specialist, Servion Global Solutions, and with customer interaction management company Acqueon Technologies, pointing to the Selligent Marketing Cloud platform’s openness and flexibility.

These partnerships bring to market connected solutions that span across marketing, sales and service, ultimately resulting in seamless customer experiences. Over time, delivering consistent, contextually-relevant customer journeys translate to improved service and stronger brand equity.

For more information and other product updates, visit Selligent Marketing Cloud’s Product Newsroom.