Selligent Consumer Study Finds 69% Find It ‘Creepy’ When They Receive Ads from Voice Assistants Based on Unprompted Conversations

Mon 30th Sep

Global Survey Highlights Need for Marketers to Strike a Relevancy Balance to Deliver Personalisation and Brand Value Without Alienating Consumers  

Global B2C marketing automation company, Selligent, today issued the results of a global study of 5000 consumers focused on behaviours and expectations as it relates to interactions with brands. Sixty-nine percent of surveyed consumers find it ‘creepy’ when they receive ads based on unprompted cues from voice assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home. Fifty-one percent are worried that voice assistants are listening to conversations without their consent. The younger the consumer, the more inclined they are to believe they are being listened to without their knowledge: 58 per cent for Gen-Z (ages 18 – 24) and only 36 per cent for Baby Boomers (ages 55 – 75) agree.

While privacy concerns are on the rise, the study shows consumers are adjusting their behaviour in different ways:

The survey also revealed that 51 per cent of consumers are still willing to share personal data for a more personalised experience. For brands, this means a greater focus on delivering truly relevant, omnichannel experiences that bring value to consumers at the right moment. Additional survey findings:

‘Building consumer trust and long-term loyalty is the holy grail for any marketer,” said Niki Hall, CMO at Selligent. “Consumers today are more connected than ever; they expect a level of personalisation in their brand interactions and want everything in an instant. But because they are also wary of their data being used in ways they may not agree with, brands need to develop a strategy that strikes a relevancy balance – articulating personalized consumer value without being intrusive. To successfully do this, businesses need an intelligent platform that provides a complete view of the customer. Having full visibility across all consumer touchpoints will enable brands to deliver an elevated customer experience and drive lasting value.’

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