Ngoar and The Industrious Release New Digital Retail Research Paper Addressing Challenges of COVID-19

Tue 30th Jun

The Industrious are a retail-focused Interactive Experience Agency based in California. Their designers, developers, and strategists are reinventing how brands connect with their audiences. They specialise in brand-driven, tech-forward experiences that help clients create emotional connections with their audience in physical spaces.

Ngoar have been their European Digital Partner for many years. The two companies have worked together on a number of ground-breaking projects in the retail space for fashion brands like C&A in Europe, and leading technology and telecommunication brands in the United Sates.

The Industrious, in partnership with Ngoar, are releasing an insightful and thought-provoking research paper on how digital technology may be able to help retailers meet the many challenges now facing them in a world transformed by COVID-19

It examines shopper insights and suggests some key solutions to the unprecedented issues that now exist in a customer engagement landscape transformed by the current pandemic.

In Retail Reconsidered: Bridging Social Distance with Digital Technologies, the paper examines how retailers can adopt and incorporate advanced digitally distanced technologies into the everyday shopping experience, and so help businesses and brands succeed in this new normal.

“Traditional physical retail, already in the midst of significant change pre COVID-19, is facing yet another existential threat. As cities and regions around the world start to reopen, it is critical for retailers to understand and adapt to how customer behaviours will change – both temporarily and permanently,” says Andy Austin, president of The Industrious.

“We believe technology has the incredible power to shrink this physical space that must now exist between us, and that retailers can create a new, slimmer, and more experiential retail environment that will be essential to rapidly and smoothly transition to success under this new normal.”

Peter Meadows, CEO at Ngoar, adds, “Having worked with the team at The Industrious on a series of transformative projects in the space where technology meets retail, Ngoar understand very well how ahead of the curve they are as agency. As their European Digital Partner and software/technology collaborator, we always relish helping their vision become a reality for their clients. The vision and insights in this research paper make for essential reading for anyone with an interest in the retail industry and how digital can make a difference.”

Ngoar will be sharing some key highlights of Retail Reconsidered: Bridging Social Distance with Digital Technologies on Figaro Digital in the near-future.

If you’d like an advance copy of the research paper , email or, quoting reference Ngoar Figaro Digital.