Mapp Launches Free Expert Community

Tue 6th Oct

Interactive online platform “Improve Your Marketing” launched to improve and prioritise marketing activities. 

Mapp, the international provider of insight-led customer engagement, now offers access to the free expert community “Improve Your Marketing'” with hundreds of marketing tactics and possibilities to share tips, best practices, and questions about specific use cases.

The interactive online platform showcases proven and easy-to-implement tactics and best practices designed to drive marketing strategies and achieve better results. The platform’s content focuses on customer engagement, ie marketing analytics, personalisation, automation, and customer activation. Interested marketers can put together and prioritise tips and measures that fit their business across industries, create a customised marketing plan, and share their own recommendations with the international community.

Digital marketing activities have gained in importance due to COVID-19 and the associated lockdown. Questions about cost efficiency, campaign optimisation, and targeted customer activation determine the agenda of both digital marketers and mid-sized companies. This is why companies now benefit from basing their decisions on data-driven insights to a much greater extent than in the past, thereby making their own marketing fit for the future.

Through customer intelligence and marketing analyses, companies can implement highly personalised cross-channel campaigns. While the willingness to rely on new ideas and measures is not always necessary in economically prosperous times, in view of COVID-19 and its consequences, there is a need to open up to new ideas and experiment. This is where Mapp’s “Improve Your Marketing” community comes in. With it, companies can examine their current marketing strategies and the challenges they face and optimise them in small and manageable steps. Are their own goals ambitious enough? Which tactical measures will ensure more marketing performance and thus dynamic business development?

Ricardas Montvila, Senior Director of Global Strategy at Mapp, comments, “There is a big need for innovative and successful marketing, and that is exactly what our ‘Improve Your Marketing’ community is all about. In view of COVID-19 and the increased pressure for efficiency, we provide a good overview of state-of-the-art marketing strategies and their feasibility. The focus of the community is on improvements in simple and gradual steps as well as supporting the prioritisation of measures and projects. We very much look forward to active participation with a diverse community of customers, partners, and interested parties.”