Mapp Launches Digital Marketing Playbook

Thu 11th Jun

Mapp, the insight-led customer engagement platform, has launched a Digital Marketing Playbook, providing marketers and agencies with 100 tactics to improve their digital marketing to increase engagement and grow revenue.

The Digital Marketing Playbook launches today as an interactive tool, which is freely available. It provides straight-forward and easy-to-implement digital marketing tactics that are proven to deliver results. A wide range of measures to increase sustainable customer engagement and optimise ROI in cross-channel marketing are listed. The tool covers areas including website personalisation, email automation, mobile and social media, paid media, and in-store activities.

The Playbook helps marketers and agencies prioritise their digital marketing activities by creating a clear roadmap in three simple steps:

  1. Explore and shortlist tactics

Browse and explore a list of 100 digital marketing tactics that are tested and proven. The Playbook explains the practical use of each tactic and illustrates how this has already been successfully implemented by other brands. Gain expert tips on what you can do to improve your existing activities.

  1. Score and prioritise

Prioritise the tactics which you would like to focus on and create a clear roadmap of marketing improvement opportunities based on effort, value, and investment. Re-prioritise tactics as your business objectives change.

  1. Share with your team

Share the list of priorities with your team and agencies to ensure that everyone is aligned on what to focus on.

Ricardas Montvila, Senior Director, Global Strategy, Mapp, comments, “There are many things you can do to improve your digital marketing. It can be mind boggling to identify the opportunities that will provide the greatest uplift with the least amount of time and generate the biggest ROI. This Interactive Playbook was created to inspire marketers and agencies, as well as to guide you through the prioritisation process.”

The Digital Marketing Playbook can be accessed here.

The Playbook, and its 100 tactics, is also available as an eBook.