Kick Back with a Classic This Christmas, the Reflect Digital Quizmas Challenge! 

Wed 2nd Dec

Yes, it is finally that time of year again where we get to have some fun, and Reflect Digital have a brand new Quizmas challenge in our all new Digital Advent Calendar.

This Christmas we’re taking you back, way back, further than maybe some of you can remember! To a time of Christmas gone by, where the lights were brighter, the decorations were bolder and, let’s face it, the presents were better!

We’ve brought back our “say what you see” style challenge to bring you all some light-hearted relief, but also possibly adding to your stress levels as you try to guess the 24 classic toys behind each of the doors!

Take five, grab the Christmas choccies, and play our online advent calendar game. Test your classic toy knowledge – do you know your Pogo Stick from your Playmobil?

In this “say what you see” style quiz we are challenging you to find all 24 classic toys in the countdown to Christmas.

Come back each day, and unlock the door to see what clue and what toy lies behind it.

Or if you are one of the naughty ones, skip ahead and see if you can crack all 24 in one sitting!