Jaywing Launches Customer Website And Payment Portal For Lowell UK Digital Transformation Programme

Fri 15th Feb

Jaywing, the brand and marketing agency, has delivered a new consumer website for credit management services company, Lowell, as part of the first phase of the brand’s UK digital transformation programme.

The new website sees significant changes to the existing customer portal both in terms of design and usability, with the Jaywing development team working on the first iteration of Lowell’s ambitions to constantly evolve and improve the customer experience.

Designed to deliver a user-friendly experience, the new site has better navigation and functionality to make it easier for customers to understand and manage their accounts. The site has been optimised for mobile devices, as the majority of customers access the web on smart devices.

A detailed planning phase helped the team to understand Lowell’s customers through call listening and the development of new customer personas.

“Our customers expect to manage their accounts when and where they want. Jaywing has worked with us on an upgrade to our website which builds on the existing payment functionality, in addition to improving the customer experience online. Together, the new website is far more user-friendly and approachable than ever before.” John Pears, UK Managing Director, Lowell

Further development is already planned for the site; adding more functionality and content to broaden and improve the customer-experience, such as videos and blog content, to help people understand how to manage their finances and avoid debt.

“It’s been a fantastic opportunity for our digital and website development teams to work with Lowell as it begins its digital transformation journey. We understand the pressure customers may feel when in debt, and how better digital experiences enables them to manage their finances across different devices, allowing them to feel more in control. We’re looking forward to seeing the next phase of Lowell’s digital transformation journey.” Maria Vardy, Managing Director, Jaywing