Access Self Storage Appoint Kagool As Lead Digital Agency

Thu 10th Jan

Access Self Storage, has appointed digital marketing specialists, Kagool as their lead digital agency. Kagool has been appointed to improve the overall engagement and usability of Access’s site.

As part of the scope of work Kagool will be rebuilding the site on the Sitecore platform using Sitecore Helix best practice which should enable them to reuse components and be more flexible. Kagool will also look to improve the overall user interface as part of the initial project.

“We are looking forward to working with Kagool on our new website and are excited to see how they can improve our customer experience.” Jonathon Kofler, Marketing Director, Access Self Storage

“We’re delighted to be appointed by Access Self Storage to help them create great customer experiences. It’s a great opportunity to utilise our Sitecore expertise and experience to help Access get the most out of the platform as part of their exciting future plans.” Dan Berry, Managing Director, Kagool