Absolute Digital Media Showcases Their Growth In Rebrand

Mon 4th Feb

As an award-winning marketing agency, here at Absolute Digital Media, we are thrilled to have just launched our brand new look. The refresh and redesign of our branding has been incorporated through our new logo, website and colour theme, moving from a dark red to a bright magenta and blue and is a true show of the innovative nature of our agency.

We work tirelessly to position ourselves not only ahead of our competition, but in the perfect location in the industry for our clients and our new branding ensures we can do precisely that. In addition to the fresh theme, we have updated our logo to craft a whole new visual identity. Our entire rebrand has truly represented the modern approach that we take with all things digital.

In addition to the visual changes made, here at Absolute Digital Media, we have altered our social media and communications to fit in with the new theme. This further growth in our company enables us to get ahead of the curve, by providing services that many leading marketing agencies don’t offer.

“This fresh rebrand marks the next step in our incredible journey. Since being founded in 2008, we have won several prestigious awards and seen additional growth through the extension of our company internationally, when we set up our office in Vilnius, Lithuania. We wanted to showcase the flexibility and the progress of our company by revealing an updated look at the beginning of the New Year.” Ben Austin, CEO, Absolute Digital Media

If you would like more information about how to rebrand your company or about the services that we offer at Absolute Digital Media, contact us on 0800 088 6000, today.