Aneta Rutkowska

Channels Programme Manager - Retail


Aneta’s professional career started as a Marketing Manager in a large Chemical company in Poland. Since then she has worked in international trade and engineering industries, to find herself in technology which currently remains her domain. She started at Capita in 2009 as a Database Administrator, after which she moved to Project Management and not long later, in 2012 she started her journey with Vodafone. She started working for Vodafone UK leading one of the major transformation projects in retail and more recently she became a programme manager in the Retail delivery department in VF Group where she works on delivery to 26 local markets. Aneta  achieved her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and recently she achieved her Msc degree in Management from the University of Aberdeen. Aneta believes that communication within the business as well as support for and recognition of employees are key drivers for success.