True help clients profit from the limitless possibilities of digital. Helping clients profit is our lifeblood. Our business only succeeds if theirs does. Our work has to get results. The limitless possibilities of digital are our driving force. Advances in technology mean new avenues and opportunities are opening up all the time. Digital’s not just a marketing and communications channel – it’s an enabler, a change agent, a transformer for brands, businesses and peoples’ lives.


Tim Jones

Managing Director
True Digital

Tim has 20 years’ experience in agency management and strategy across digital, direct and integrated marketing. He has a deep understanding of  clients business strategy and challenges and how True can help them exploit digital channels. Tim’s sector experience spans Financial Services within insurance, investments and pensions, Education, Automotive, Retail, Leisure and Not for Profit.


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Open Finance: Staying Alive

by Tim Jones, Managing Director at True Digital