Ian Randolph

Product Owner, Data Science and Personalisation

Ian is responsible for trainline’s data science and personalisation initiatives, driving innovations aimed at transforming the customer experience. As the Head of Product for the web for 15 months, he oversaw the ballooning of a team from 15 to 50 with no drop in velocity or team morale while experimenting with new management practices. Ian holds a B.A. in Cognitive Science from Yale University and an MSc in Decision Science from the LSE.

Dave Slocombe

Head of Product - Apps and International Discovery

Dave is focussed on executing’s company mission, to provide smarter journeys to their customers, from planning to booking to travel, they care deeply about solving real problems in the real world. Since joining Dave and his team have produced some exciting stats: Ranked #1 in train apps, Ranked #2 in travel apps (behind Uber), 4.5* average rating on App store, 9.4m app downloads, 13m total visits per month, 2.1m unique visits per month. Prior to this Dave was the first Head of Mobile at building their mobile web and app teams delivering flights and hotels across Europe.