Rufus Leonard is an independently-owned brand experience agency. Nearly three decades of organic growth, built on two core pillars of design and digital, have seen the agency develop a unique breadth and depth of offering which includes brand optimisation, service design, organisational engagement and technology. As Brand Experience Engineers, the company’s mission is to create transformational brand experiences for some of the UK’s leading brands including Lloyds Banking Group, British Gas, BBC, Macmillan, the AA, British Red Cross, Royal Mail and Aviva.

Named The Drum’s #1 Elite agency for design and its #2 Elite agency for digital 2016, Rufus was featured in the 2016 Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies.


Carlo D’Alanno

Executive Creative Director
Rufus Leonard

Vanita Tanna

Head of UX
Rufus Leonard

As the Head of UX at Rufus Leonard, Vanita Tanna, is building the UX team up and out, embedding lean working and CXO across the agency, working on new business propositions, and currently training a chat bot.

Laurence Parkes

Chief Strategy Officer
Rufus Leonard

With more than 20 years’ experience gained at some of the world’s leading network agencies including DDB, BBH, WCRS, Laurence was most recently responsible for building and developing a 10-strong team of multi-disciplined strategists at AKQA’s award-winning Amsterdam office. He relocated to join Rufus as chief strategy officer in April 2015. Heading up Rufus’ ever-expanding strategy team, Laurence is responsible for creating bespoke and rewarding digital brand experiences for clients, including PizzaExpress, Lloyds Banking Group, the AA and Stagecoach.

Peter Barker

Chief Technology Officer
Rufus Leonard

Peter leads Rufus’ 30-strong tech team. He has overall responsibility for technology platform choices and the process and standards which underpin how Rufus build, run and support solutions for clients. A lover of all things online, Peter built his first website in 1994 and, after a stint working for companies developing ICTs in the old USSR, came to London in 1998. As a developer, he was instrumental in creating Lloyds’ first ever online banking service, and was also a key figure in the set-up and execution of online retail platforms for Smart and Mercedes-Benz – another first at the time. Peter has a degree in business psychology and a masters in multimedia systems, and joined the board in 2010.

Ross Timms

Head of Strategy
Rufus Leonard

Specialising in customer experience design, Ross Timms’ work at Rufus Leonard is focused on building service strategies that bring their brand’s purpose to life for their customers. He runs a specialist discipline that closely collaborates across projects and accounts with other design and business disciplines to deliver experiences that meet both business objectives and customer needs.


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