RevLifter personalises deals for retailers across any marketing channel.

The platform uses AI to understand real-time signals from users onsite behaviour to deliver the right deal to the right customer at the right time, to achieve the advertiser’s goals.

It works by personalising offers on a retailer’s site and off-site which are designed to deliver incrementally and prevent customers leaving to look for deals on competitors.

The platform is uniquely used by each retailer to deliver their specific goals, which often include; more new customers, higher AOV, and conversion rates.

RevLifter is available worldwide, rapid to integrate and paid on performance.



Stephen King

Senior Business Development Manager

Graduating from Chichester University in 2015, Stephen dived straight into a Gym Director role where he managed the overall sales, marketing, customer service, and business development activities. In 2018, he moved on to SaaS marketing technology company Eagle Eye as Partnerships Executive, and worked his way up through the ranks, becoming a Sales Development Manager in 2020. In September 2021, Stephen joined RevLifter as Senior Business Development Manager.

Caroline Oswald

Director of Business Development

Caroline has a proven history of driving adoption and results within the marketing technology, augmented, virtual and mixed reality technology, and media production industries. Following successful tenures at SaleCycle and streamGo, she was made Business Development Director of RevLifter, and has since helped countless retailers embrace the world of intelligent deals and offers through personalised coupon pages, on-site messages, gamification, and more.

Case Studies


What Retail Personalisation Really Looks Like

by Stephen King, Senior Business Development Manager at RevLifter