Founded in 2014, POPS have pioneered the adult popsicle trend. In July 2017, POPS partnered with Pimm’s, a Diageo brand, to launch the world’s first Pimm’s popsicle. This March, a GORDON’S Gin & Lime popsicle launched in Tesco stores nationwide. The brand has expanded their range to include Deliciously Smooth Sorbet mini-tubs in alcohol infused flavours. All POPS are made in Britain using natural ingredients and real alcohol. They are dairy-free and gluten-free with a premium sorbet texture.

Our Story

You’ve probably read plenty of perfect founder stories before. If only we could say the same. POPS wasn’t built on business plans and finance but two friends and a freezer. After months of melted mishaps and the sort of learning curve you need a pickaxe to climb, POPS was born. Since then we’ve sold our goodies for grown-ups all over the world, teamed up with some of the biggest brands and have plenty more ideas fresh out the freezer. It just shows, sometimes it pays to break the ice.



Ellie Leek

Marketing Manager

Ellie Leek joined POPS straight after University for 5 months as Marketing Assistant, a role involving many events and activations. In March 2018, Ellie became POPS Marketing Manager. From managing the POPS online presence & external communications to securing sponsors, partners & press coverage; she’s implemented the 2019 rebrand and strategies around leading retail accounts.


The Start-Up Perspective

by Ellie Leek, Marketing Manager at POPS