Nano Interactive

Nano Interactive has built a technology platform that captures user intent at the exact point of interest and then serves advertising based on that intent in real time on high quality media partners. Nano has taken the model of real time intent and scaled it to dramatically improve results for top brand advertisers. We have used over 50 years of accumulated senior digital leadership experience to build a technology stack that includes a DMP, machine learning and semantic learning capabilities, ad serving and unique and detailed insights reports to help advertisers to get the best possible value from their advertising activity


Niall Moody

Trading Director
Nano Interactive

Niall Moody is the Trading Director at Nano Interactive, he is responsible for the commercial operations for the UK office as the company continues to grow at a rapid pace. His focus is on helping drive innovative solutions for advertisers and publishers using Nano Interactive’s cutting-edge intent targeting technology. Niall brings over 10 years of experience in advertising technology and is passionate about building a better internet for everyone.