The London Review of Books (LRB) is Europe’s leading magazine of books and ideas. Published every two weeks, it provides a space for the world’s best writers to interrogate important and interesting subjects in exhilarating detail. LRB writers don’t just review books, so much as use them as springboards into a wider subject. In the age of the long read, the LRB remains the pre-eminent exponent of the intellectual essay as an art form in its own right, admired around the world for its fearlessness, range, and elegance.

The LRB is also Europe’s largest literary magazine (ABC circulation is now over 74,000) and the magazine has gone from strength to strength, achieving a 35 per cent subscription rise and 59 per cent revenue increase over the last seven years.



Reneé Doegar

Head of Marketing
London Review of Books

Reneé is the Head of Marketing for the London Review of Books and has been with the LRB for seven yearsShe is responsible for the magazine’s acquisition and retention strategy. She is particularly passionate about A/B testing and the importance of data-driven decisions.


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