Hyphen’s mission is to help companies make better use of their data in order to enable improved marketing ROI and increased user engagement and retention. Via maintaining integrations with the majority of major ad-buying, analytics and attribution platforms Hyphen are able to automate data aggregation and reporting at a granular level. This creates a foundation of insight that enables rapid and smart decision-making. We are supporting clients across web, mobile and native apps.

We use this expertise and insight to buy and optimise media across PPC, Facebook, Twitter ads and the RTB display exchanges. Our ROI focused approach to SEO has also yielded positive results for many clients. Often, we will also deliver on bespoke projects in the areas of predictive analytics, bespoke segmentation and customer life-cycle analysis.

The Hyphen team is an experienced group of ecommerce and software development professionals with extensive experience in both blue-chip and start-up environments. We understand that big data hasn’t always meant big insight or big growths in revenue for today’s businesses. We are passionate about changing this for our clients.