FSE Online, with its flagship local brand Freelance SEO Essex, is a well-established search engine marketing agency based near Chelmsford, Essex. We specialise in search engine optimisation services, encompassing Pay Per Click account management, web copywriting and web design. Since 2012, our agency has evolved to offer a wide range of sub-services, including email marketing and PR management.

Above all, we pride ourselves on our service. Our dedication to forging long-term client relationships has established us as the go-to SEO consultancy for local companies. FSE is far from a ‘typical’ agency – unlike our rivals, we much prefer a face-to-face approach towards client management. Our fees are competitive, our reporting is transparent and we operate under rolling monthly agreements for the benefit of small to medium sized businesses who want the flexibility of working under a freelance model yet also want to work with a well-established agency with extensive reach and a wide net of resources.

FSE is committed to supporting business in the local community and has sponsored a number of awards schemes, including the Essex Digital Awards, Mid Essex Business Awards and the Essex Sports Awards.

We offer free search consultancy services for businesses looking to weigh up their options. Get in touch to learn more about our agency and book your meeting.

Alternatively, please visit Freelance SEO Essex for localised search solutions.

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FSE Online Ltd

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