We are Exclaimer, a multi-award-winning solution provider, letting you transform corporate email signatures into a new digital advertising channel.

When we think of great customer experiences, our attention always jumps to first impressions. ​But in a world of ‘hello’, we don’t want to miss the impact of a great ‘goodbye’. After all, people always remember a good ending, be it from movies all the way to business emails.

Email signatures are the underdog, the unsung hero of emails. At Exclaimer, we see email signatures as so much more than a simple sign off. They’re an opportunity to present a consistent brand identity and supercharge those valuable, personal interactions between your company and your audiences.

Over 50,000 customers worldwide use Exclaimer to centrally control their corporate email signatures and create exceptional email endings. These are endings that promote marketing campaigns, share your latest news, collect real-time customer feedback, engage across social media, and so much more. Even better, the ROI of email signature marketing is exceptionally high compared to other digital advertising due to the high engagement and low cost of corporate emails.

Unlock the true marketing potential of your corporate email signatures and choose Exclaimer. Learn more at exclaimer.com.

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