Dreamland Margate

Dreamland Margate is a world-class visitor attraction and the beating heart of Margate just a stone’s throw from the beach. With an amusement park that has vintage, family and thrill rides, music venues, world-class entertainment, art installations, street food, bars, a roller disco and more, Dreamland is an all year round attraction.
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Sinead Hanna

PR & Content Manager
Dreamland Margate

Sinead Hanna is the PR & Content Manager for Dreamland Margate, and is the former Head of Content and Communications for the destination management organisation, Go To Places. A former journalist, Sinead had more than 15 years’ experience in public and private sector digital marketing and communications strategy. Her experience working for both not-for-profit destinations and commercial attractions has given her a deep understanding of travel & leisure content, and how to bring out the best in creative and technical teams.