About Crafted

Founded in 2005, we’re a full service digital agency that believes in a sweet spot in digital marketing: the place where logic meets magic. That’s where truly great things can happen.

When you blend the two, when right and left brain are working together in just the right balance, you can achieve outcomes that are really extraordinary. Outcomes that will not only help you perform, but outperform – your own expectations, the competition, and the market.


Ian Miller


Having been agency side for more than 11 years, Ian Miller is focused on marrying the creative marketing ideas that gain exposure and coverage with Analytics, CRO and UX projects to maximise trackable returns. As Crafted’s CEO, Ian delivers the growth strategy for Crafted as well as leading the day-to-day operations of a business with over 80 staff across all functions from technical development solutions, UX and enterprise design challenges, and international-scale search marketing campaigns.


Voice: The New Arena Of Search

As Alexa units and Google Home devices arrive on people’s doormats, and excitement grows for Apple’s inevitable entrance on the…


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