Course5 Intelligence

Course5 Intelligence enables organizations to make the most effective strategic and tactical moves relating to their customers, markets, and competition. We drive digital transformation through Analytics, Insights, and Artificial Intelligence, enabling our clients to reshape their businesses and experience higher top line and bottom line results with improved customer satisfaction and business agility. As we solve today’s problems for our clients, we also enable them to reshape their businesses to meet and actualize the future. Course5 Intelligence product suites and range of services combine analytics, digital, and research solutions with advanced AI and Machine Learning to create immediate and long-term value for clients. We enable new efficiencies and drive higher ROI specifically for marketing, insights, analytics, and digital teams within organizations as well as for independent research and consulting firms.


Joseph Sursock

Senior Vice President - Client Services
Course5 Intelligence

Joseph Sursock is a knowledgeable and progressive commercial director with over 20 years business experience. As the business lead in Europe, Joseph is responsible for strategies and growth for the company’s solutions in omnichannel marketing, customer and market intelligence and transformations. As a strategic manager, working with enterprise solutions in leading vertical industries, Sursock previously led multi-region business units in both software and services organizations. He has delivered complex, process-based solutions in areas such as marketing analytics; customer relationship management; ecommerce management; competitive benchmarking and analytics centre of excellence; business systems application development; Anti Money Laundering (AML) for banking and telecommunications. He comes with a multi-cultural background, speaks several languages and is based in London.