E-commerce conversion specialists cloud.IQ offer easy to use conversion solutions that turn website browsers into buyers. Our tools target visitors abandoning their shopping cart or leaving your site before purchasing.

cloud.IQ software is easy to use via a dashboard that provides detailed analytics of your entire customer journey to provide real-time analytics and insights used to identify any weak spots, fixed with the best tool for the job:

• cartRecovery – Track visitors who abandon their shopping cart and re-target your ‘lost’ customers via personalised emails to increase your conversion rates by up to 20%.

• exitCapture – Simple technology anticipates when your visitors are about to leave and serves an overlay promoting exclusive content or offers that entices them to stay, capturing 300% more email opt-ins and converting up to 10% more sales.

• targetMail – Tracks browser behaviour and send real-time personalised emails to registered users when they leave your site, typically leading to a 12% increase in online sales.

Use one or all of our tools together to enable a highly personalized and targeted approach that drives customer retention and engagement.

For ten years, cloud.IQ has helped 1000’s of businesses such as Lyle & Scott, Dr. Martens and Wowcher to increase their online sales. Sign up to a FREE no-obligation audit to discover how much revenue you might be missing out on. Visit www.cloud-iq.co.uk/analyser-form.



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