Bud is the financial network. It helps banks to deliver great experiences to their customers by making it easy for them to collaborate with other providers. Bud’s algorithms help banks to find the right solution from a marketplace of financial products and introduce it to the right customers at the right time. This allows the bank to maintain its primary relationship with the customer, gives financial service providers new routes to market and, most importantly, creates experiences that help people to have a new and better relationship with their finances.


Alan Walsh

Head of Network & Partnerships

Alan Walsh is a seasoned financial services professional, having delivered commercial growth at some of the largest and most respected FS brands including American Express, Barclays, GE and Santander. Now leading the strategy and development of the Bud network and its distribution, Alan is helping craft Bud into one of the most innovative companies in the Open Banking space.


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Bringing Open Banking To Life With Bud

by Alan Walsh, Head of Network & Partnerships at Bud