Pets are at the heart of everything we do. Each year, thousands of cats, dogs, small pets and horses turn to our animal hospitals, clinics and rehoming services for treatment and to find them the happy homes they deserve. Meanwhile, our Education and Behaviour Teams prepare future pet owners to take responsibility and look after their pets for life.


Cressida O’Shea

Brand & Communications Consultant
Blue Cross

Cressida O’Shea is a marketing and communications strategist, with a background in psychology and twenty years experience in advertising agencies, leading the strategy for famous commercial, government and charity sector brands. Here she created big ideas that transcend channels, transform brands, change behaviour and become a ‘north star’​ to guide an organisation. Cressida is fascinated by the way technology can change behaviour and attitudes; whether an online quiz, interactive content, or an app.


Engaging Customers To Spread Your Message

by Cressida O'Shea, Brand & Communications Consultant at Blue Cross