Agency: FSE Online Ltd

The Project

Zing Events is a team building events company based in the United Kingdom that arranges corporate events for a wide range of companies, including many within the FTSE 100.


Zing Events initially approached FSE Online in early 2015 keen to develop up an SEO strategy that would help them attract a higher volume of quality leads from potential clients. The company primarily wanted to gain more exposure in London due to the area’s large corporate audience.


Zing’s unique offering already stood out in a notoriously competitive marketplace – the website just needed to be found. The key here was to promote the company’s strengths and establish the brand as distinctive to attract the attention of larger firms. The core aim of the campaign was to rank for a wider variety of organic search terms, but a small paid search campaign was also required in order to gain faster exposure and start generating a tangible ROI.


Extensive research was carried out into the link profiles of Zing’s competitors in order to identify their best-performing keywords and assess new linking opportunities.

FSE identified a list of key search terms to target with a highly localised search campaign in organic search and via a paid search campaign with Google AdWords. This list was based on search volume data, competitor data and input from the client.

Much of the ongoing offsite strategy focused on creating, optimising and sharing high quality content. To increase brand awareness and authority, timely articles were created for publication on both the Zing website and on external sources. Press releases, syndicated using only trusted vendors, were occasionally shared to raise awareness of Zing’s latest projects and, in the further stages of the campaign, company and recruitment news.

Developing a New Website

After experiencing significant jumps in positions for localised ‘London’ search terms after just 6 months of running a link building campaign, Zing were seeing a healthy increase in enquiries. Management were keen to improve conversions and so approached the company’s in-house development team with ideas for a complete redesign of their website. Zing wanted a new platform that was easier to use – it needed to offer enhanced functionality delivered by a flexible WordPress CMS, and it also needed to be fully responsive when viewed on mobile browsers.

The deadline for development was established as early December 2015.

More information on the design and development process can be found here: http://www.fse-online.co.uk/case-studies/zing-events/





Since the launch of the new website, organic exposure has been increased further, enabling the client to reduce their click spend with AdWords. The website is now ranking within the top 100 search results in Google.co.uk for over 400 search terms, and Zing Events is now enjoying consistent first-page exposure for a wide range of localised keywords.


  • Key ranking achievements for localised keywords include:

Collaborative team building activities London – position 1, page 1

Corporate evening activities London – position 1, page 1

Team building London – position 3, page 1

Team building events London – position 3, page 1

London team building – position 4, page 1

Team building days London – position 4, page 1


  • Key ranking achievements for broader, more competitive keywords include:

Evening entertainment – position 3, page 1

Corporate activities – position 4, page 1

Corporate team building – position 5, page 1

Team building activity days – position 5, page 1

Team building events – position 6, page 1


Client Testimonial

“Our company were burnt by other SEO companies in the past who always hid behind the “we can’t guarantee results” excuse, but I would not hesitate to recommend FSE Online to everyone – they get results and don’t cost the earth either.”