Woodhouse Clothing

Woodhouse Clothing is an online destination for men’s designer clothing. They turned to cloud.IQ for help with customers abandoning the site before purchase. cloud.IQ tell us more

Online fashion retailer Woodhouse optimised their website customer journey by using cloud.IQ conversion technology, which increased online revenue by 12.45 per cent.

A free trial with cloud.IQ revealed exactly where the site was losing customers. It also forecast how many customers they could be recovering and converting with the right technology. The solution used to address the first exit point, basket abandonment, was exitCapture—an overlay tool which can be used throughout the customer journey. A series of personalised real-time emails were also sent to customers who still hadn’t completed their purchase.

Overall, this campaign achieved a 12.45 per cent increase in online revenue for Woodhouse Clothing. It also resulted in an ROI of 23,653 per cent.

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