Women's Running / Men's Running

Agency: Red Snapper

The Challenge

Wild Bunch Media recently launched two new running publications in the UK. Stocked by major outlets and newsagents, Women’s Running and Men’s Running quickly made their impact and continue to grow strongly. Wild Bunch Media wanted to further develop its running brands on the Internet and increase readership, reader loyalty, subscriptions and revenue. The new websites had to offer readers something new which would sit alongside the printed publications and help to develop an active community.

Our Solution

Red Snapper developed a vibrant, inclusive and innovative social network for female runners – a place where they can share their passion for running and other interests. The site has many features including profiles; running diary; route mapping; location based searches; community and private forums. Based on its success, Red Snapper went on to develop a similar community website for male runners which focuses on eliciting the competitive spirit.