User Experience Review for EDF Energy London Eye

Jaywing explain how they enabled the EDF Energy London Eye site to sell more tickets without the need for a complete redesign

The brief

EDF Energy London Eye’s online advance ticket sales were performing well on an established site. They wanted to increase online conversion rates further but without a complete site redesign.

Our approach

Always up for a challenge, we used our seven-step UX process to find subtle improvements that would influence purchases and anticipate customers’ future needs.

1. Customer journey analysis

Using scroll and click-trail analysis to find out what people were doing on the website helped us to understand where there were patterns of behaviour, confusion and choice fatigue.

2. Look at the numbers
Website analytics data shows what your customers are really doing, no matter what they say. For London Eye, we overlaid data such as ticket sales and interpreted the statistics.

3. Listen to your users
We used qualitative research through videoed customer interviews to listen to what London Eye’s customers wanted, and what they didn’t like.

4. Have empathy
We designed and built a site and navigation with the goals and needs of many different users in mind, as well as the client’s commercial objectives.

5. Images sell
Our research participants said they wanted to see more images of and from the Eye to show what the experience is really like. So we kept words short and images strong.

6. Less is more
One of the biggest impacts we made was to reduce the amount of effort it took for a customer to get to purchase.

7. (+/- 2)
People can become easily confused when faced with too many choices, forgetting what they have seen earlier, and tending to go for the most familiar. In this case it was a low yield ticket. Our golden rule is to limit choices to 7 (plus or minus 2) and combine this with ‘framing’ to make it clear which choice we want the user to make.

The results
We smashed our target, increasing conversion rates by 33 per cent and basket value by 7.5 per cent.