Transform Cosmetic Group

Agency: Edit Ltd

Transform Cosmetic Group are the UK’s leading provider of cosmetic surgery. Having been hit with a manual penalty from Google, they turned to Edit to rebuild their online visibility. Edit tell us how they came up with Brits, Boobs & Botox.

The Challenge

Transform Cosmetic Group came to Edit with a Google manual penalty in December 2013, which it’d been struggling with for most of the year. Within just two weeks, and on our first reconsideration request to Google, this manual penalty was removed. However, it left Transform with a link profile which was around a third of its previous size.

That being so, the leading cosmetic surgery group set Edit a number of objectives to gain high profile links and increase its online visibility.

The Strategy

Transform’s target audience is very broad, with different cosmetic procedures appealing to different target groups. We had to ensure we appealed to those considering cosmetic procedures and encourage them to go ahead.

As such, we thought it might be comforting to know just how many people in their area had consulted Transform, and what procedures they were considering. We also wanted to bring Transform’s case studies into play, giving that extra element of trust and authority which might reassure the potential customer.

To bring this all together, we decided to create Brits, Boobs & Botox—an interactive map of the UK which displayed the following information:

• Total number of enquiries to Transform in that area
• The number of female and male enquiries
• The ability to segment by procedure
• Links to case studies for that particular procedure from someone in that area
• Links to that area’s nearest Transform consultation clinic.

The campaign was pushed live on the Transform website and officially launched as an exclusive with The Sun on Sunday. This included a full-page feature in the newspaper, as well as a feature on the website which involved using an iframe to display the entire campaign page of Transform’s website.

This meant that readers of The Sun were able to browse the Transform website and book a consultation, without leaving The Sun’s website.

The Results

The campaign has received more than 40 pieces of individual coverage, acquiring 40 authority links, and has driven 53 conversions to date. Transform’s average conversion rate from enquiries is 12.5 per cent, with an average value of four thousand pounds, meaning we’d have driven £28,000 worth of business and delivered a 150 per cent ROI just from conversions.

The extensive coverage we’ve managed to secure has included The Sun, Mail Online, The Daily Star and The Telegraph, amongst many more.