Towergate Insurance: Responsive Site

Agency: Pancentric Digital

Pancentric Digital built the first responsive financial services website for Towergate Insurance

The challenge

To build a future-proof site that improved customer experience, increased conversion, repositioned the brand and set a benchmark for Towergate’s competitors.

Towergate approached us with a very clear set of objectives for their new website. It needed to work across all platforms and provide a seamless user experience whilst housing nearly 100 products. We didn’t want to create just another ‘typical insurance website,’ so instead we set about creating the first responsive financial services website in the UK.

Our approach

We chose to build a responsive site, to ensure the best possible customer experience regardless of device and without compromising on content.

Design was key to repositioning the brand and future-proofing the site – the website had to evolve with Towergate’s offering, not be outgrown by it. The site required simple user journeys to funnel prospects into the sales process and needed to house around 100 products in a clear and intuitive way – UX was fundamental to increasing conversion and improving the customer experience. Our designs were then put through their paces via independent user testing in our . Agile methodology combined with rapid prototyping and user-testing, meant best practice was utilised and the best-possible version of the site created.

Through the duration of the build, Towergate’s development team made themselves at home at our offices and worked alongside us 2-3 days per week. This meant they were fully immersed within the project and acquired the skills necessary to allow them to take full ownership of the site when it was ready.

The results

Since going live Towergate has seen their lead volume rise significantly. They obtained 9832 leads in February 2013 – a 157 per cent increase compared with February 2012.

Towergate Insurance: Design & Build