Agency: UNRVLD

Telligent, now part of Verint Systems, is an industry leader in community software applications. Telligent is the creator of Telligent Community, which is a social software solution that merges modern collaboration technologies into a single cohesive suite. Their social applications range from forums, blogs and wikis to ratings, reviews and comments.

“We approached Kagool to work on our search strategy because we were aware of their status as a well-respected digital agency. We also wanted to work with a partner who would keep an open flow of communication and incorporate our business needs into the overall strategy. Kagool has been that partner.”– VP & GM, Communities & Web Self-Service, Telligent/Verint

Kagool is a well-established digital agency with offices in Manchester, Cardiff and London. A top-tier Sitecore partner, Kagool has 20 years’ experience in helping enterprise organisations with digital strategy, website development and all aspects of digital marketing.

The Challenge

After the launch of Telligent’s new website, it was essential that they partner with an experienced digital agency that would facilitate a smooth changeover, ensuring that Telligent’s search rankings and digital presence weren’t affected in the process.

At the time, Telligent did not have a search marketing strategy established. This created the opportunity to grow the brand’s digital presence through technical adjustments, content and SEO strategy.

“Our goal was to increase our organic traffic and digital presence with our new website launch. We wanted to increase our profile in both the UK and the USA, so choosing the right partner was crucial.”– Sales Director, Telligent/Verint

The Strategy

General health check of new build

As Telligent’s website had just launched, it was important that from an SEO perspective the new build was technically performing. The project started with a general health check of the Telligent website, which involved testing page re-directs and investigating internal links. To ensure effective future tracking, we set up Google Analytics and began the process of monitoring data.

Creation of content-led keyword strategy

To effectively grow the number of inbound organic traffic to Telligent’s website, the strategy was to target non-branded keywords focused on services. High search volume keywords were identified and implemented into existing services pages.

Kagool’s search marketing team went on to create a blog section which held informative and educational articles. This delivered an increase by 19 per cent in pages per session and a 27 per cent increase in average session duration year on year.

Lead generation through killer conversion strategy

After configuring Google Analytics, new goals to track conversions were identified. These were:

  • ‘request a demo’
  • ‘contact us’
  • ‘free edition download’
  • ’30-day free trial’.

Since implementing the tracking solutions, Kagool’s strategy has generated on average 32 leads each month from organic traffic for Telligent.

The Results

Since implementing the search strategy, Telligent have achieved page one rankings on Google’s search results pages in the UK and US for a range of high-volume search terms. Key successes include:

  • Generated 32 leads per month from organic traffic
  • Achieved page one rankings in both UK and US for high-volume search terms
  • Increased organic sessions, taking them to +9 per cent year-on-year

 By continuing to add more content to the website that is informative to users and data driven, this will increase the number of keywords that can be utilised to further develop Telligent’s digital presence.

“The progress we’ve seen so far, such as the increased organic traffic and consistent influx of quality leads, is exactly what we needed as a business on a global digital stage. The high quality of communication and weekly call updates we have with Kagool are the somewhat unquantifiable benefits that add real value to the service we currently receive. “- VP & GM, Communities & Web Self-Service, Telligent/Verint