Agency: Digital Element

The Challenge

U.S. homes now boast more than half a billion devices that are connected to the Internet and deliver apps. This brings the average number to 5.7 per household, according to a March 2013 report from global information company The NPD Group.

As the number of devices continues to grow, advertisers are turning to ad technology innovators such as Tapad Inc. to help deliver consistent ads across multiple platforms: from home computers, tablets, and smartphones, to smart televisions.

“Today’s smart devices offer compelling opportunities to engage and empower people with targeted advertising. Given the extreme mobile nature of today’s society, location-based targeting is integral in helping advertisers maximise their campaigns by reaching consumers at the right place, at the right time ― and on multiple screens.” Are Traasdahl, founder and CEO, Tapad

Tapad is the undisputed leader in cross-screen ad technology. The company’s groundbreaking solutions address the new and ever-evolving reality of media consumption on smartphones, tablets and home computers.

Headquartered in New York with seven other offices located throughout the United States, Tapad works with advertisers, agencies, and trading desks to deliver a unified view of consumers across all screens.

Tapad has built the most robust, real-time cross-screen audience-buying technology that allows advertisers to target consumers on the standard web, mobile web, mobile apps, and tablets ― all in real time.

To help ensure the accuracy and reliability of its location-based targeting, Tapad incorporated Digital Element’s NetAcuity® technology into its solutions.

The Strategy

“We needed a powerful, yet versatile, IP geolocation technology to use as a complement to our cross-device targeting for specific advertisers, particularly those with brick-and-mortar locations. A number of our customers gave strong references on the reliability and accuracy of Digital Element’s technology.” Traasdahl

Tapad uses Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge™ hyperlocal targeting solution to non-invasively determine consumers’ geographic locations down to a ZIP and postcode level, worldwide.

“Digital Element provided us with a scalable and reliable solution to conduct the necessary geo look-ups for our campaign targeting requirements from a select group of brands and advertisers. Tapad’s core capability of dynamic creative plus cross-device targeting made the Digital Element solution an immediate complement for our retail and auto advertisers looking to engage with those same users in a close proximity to the physical store.” Traasdahl

The Results

Advertisers have been realising significant lift in conversion rates with Tapad’s cross-screen audience targeting, and they experience even better results when their media and messages are geotargeted.

For example, Tapad generated a seven to 11 per cent lift in click-through rates (CTR) for a big-box retailer using its cross-screen, geotargeted solution to deliver advertising, versus non-geotargeted media:

  • 11 per cent lift in CTR in the desktop environment
  • eight per cent lift in CTR in the mobile environment
  • seven per cent lift in CTR in the tablet environment.

“Digital Element has helped Tapad accurately and successfully execute campaigns that needed to be delivered in specific areas. The NetAcuity IP geolocation technology allowed us to not only meet campaign performance goals, but also helped drive more qualified users to customers’ sites in a cost-effective manner.” Traasdahl