Agency: RevLifter

SportsShoes introduces RevConvert to several European markets after making every UK customer 10 per cent more valuable.

The lowdown on SportsShoes:

  • Large online-only sports retailer.
  • Leading supplier of running shoes, gym wear, and hiking equipment.
  • Active in the UK, US, and Europe.

Campaign overview:

  • Deployed RevConvert at the checkout to deliver more incremental revenue.
  • Raised spend while delivering extra value to each customer.
  • Added exit-intent strategy to spot and convert abandoners.


Every single brand has a checkout page. What every single brand does not have is a way of realising its true potential as an incremental revenue booster.

As the final stage in a shopper’s path to purchase, the checkout represents the last chance to stretch spend and create bigger carts.

On learning about RevLifter’s award-winning RevConvert solution, SportsShoes immediately saw how a native on-site element, delivering hyper-personalised content and offers, could make every customer more likely to convert, and more valuable when they did.

SportsShoes initially focused its checkout-based solution on the UK market. A hugely successful trial period led to a wider rollout across Europe – in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy – where
COVID-19 was having a severe impact on conversion rates.


  • Raise spend per user.
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Reduce cart abandonment.

Download the full case study here.