Qbic Hotels

Qbic Hotels, a budget hotels company, enlisted the help of cloud.IQ to find an easy-to-integrate, cost effective, ecommerce solution. cloud.IQ tell us more

Qbic Hotels deployed cloud.IQ conversion technology to recover lost sales from the 93 per cent of customers abandoning the site before completing their purchase.

Using free cloud.IQ analytics, the hotel site was able to identify weak spots in their customer journey, and plug these gaps with our overlay and cart recovery technology to encourage more customers to convert, boosting overall online revenue by 12.27 per cent.

The full case study illustrates how optimisation of the whole customer journey, using the most appropriate tools for the job, enhances customer experience and boosts engagement to recover highly engaged customers and drive more sales.

“Implementing cloud.IQ’s tools was a breeze. And the pricing far more favourable than similar solutions out there, as it is based on a fixed price model rather than cost per sale. This has enabled us to achieve such a high ROI.” – Julie Fawcett, Managing Director at Qbic Hotels.
Read the full case study here.


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