Agency: Absolute Digital Media

Neopost are a leading global supplier of business communication solutions.

The Challenge

Neopost operate in a highly competitive market which has undergone significant change in recent years. Now, 90 per cent of their competition is coming from price comparison sites, which is making it increasingly difficult for the brand to capture the quantity of qualified leads which they require.

When partnering with Absolute Digital Media, Neopost gave us the objective of reducing their overall PPC spend while maintaining the same volume of high quality leads.

The Strategy

Absolute Digital Media conducted extensive keyword research to challenge long-standing keyword targets with the aim of achieving QS10 on most keywords. Neopost were looking to reduce reliance on ‘broad match’ targeting and keep their copy in line with industry guidelines.

To help achieve these requirements, Absolute Digital Media undertook A/B testing on ad copy and landing pages and continued to analyse ad data and heatmap data.

The Results

Here are some of the successes that the partnership yielded:

  • 78 per cent reduction in Cost Per Lead
  • 30 per cent reduction in monthly ad spend
  • 24 per cent increase in overall leads
  • 172 per cent increase in conversion rate.