Moosejaw Mountaineering

Agency: IBM Marketing Cloud

Moosejaw Mountaineering needed to grow their email revenue programme and integrate with other systems to create a cart abandonment programme. Silverpop discuss the work


Moosejaw Mountaineering offers products from leading outdoor manufacturers including The North Face, Arc’teryx, Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, and Black Diamond, as well as its own Moosejaw brand. The company serves a diverse customer base including serious outdoor enthusiasts, active individuals pursuing an outdoor lifestyle, and high school and college students who are passionate about the Moosejaw brand. Moosejaw engages its customers through its leading e-commerce site, seven retail stores, wacky print catalogues, mobile commerce site, and extensive social media presence.

Moosejaw underwent an extensive review of top email marketing service providers, intent on finding a solution that would allow them to grow the revenue from their email programme and integrate with other systems to create a cart abandonment programme. With an already engaged user base, Moosejaw needed a solution that would give them the flexibility to be creative and to engage with their communications and test various aspects of their emails, without being overly complex or time intensive.


Moosejaw looked at a number of marketing solutions and decided to select IBM Silverpop Engage due to its overall ease of use, as well as the potential of integrating with other IBM ExperienceOne solutions such as IBM LIVEmail. IBM Silverpop Engage offers dynamic content, programmes, reporting, segmentation and send time optimisation. With the integration of Silverpop Engage and LIVEmail, Moosejaw had the ability to take advantage of their existing web analytics data. “The integration of our IBM ExperienceOne solutions was very straightforward, and enabled us to quickly start remarketing to potential customers,” said Eoin Comerford, Chief Executive Officer at Moosejaw.

Beyond their cart abandonment programme, Moosejaw sought to integrate a human element to their marketing campaigns, both with the tone and style of their emails and through social media channels. Moosejaw uses dynamic content to make their mailings relevant to both in-store and online shoppers, and segmentation to test subject lines and offers to various portions of their database. Building on their Moosejaw Rewards loyalty programme, the company tested programmes with loyalty points against those without, and tried a variety of subject lines that would best fit the company’s persona versus more traditional product and brand-oriented messages.

Execution and result

By segmenting their database to send more targeted messages, Moosejaw saw average open rates for their broadcast emails increase by over 80 per cent for some segments, when compared to an email that was not segmented. Additionally, they saw average open rates of over 40 per cent on their cart abandonment emails, sent to online shoppers one day after abandoning a cart. By using dynamic content to include images of abandoned cart items in the email, Moosejaw makes sure the email is both timely and relevant, capturing average click-through rates of over 35 per cent and conversion rates as high as five per cent.

Furthermore, through their various testing, Moosejaw has been rewarded with even more impressive metrics on some of their more distinct campaigns. By running subject line tests against equally sized database segments, Moosejaw learned that their subscribers were more likely to engage with emails that have subject lines based on Moosejaw’s ‘Madness’ brand voice; these earned a 32 per cent increase in open rates and 16 per cent higher click rates than messages with subject lines related to various product offerings or discounts.

Additional testing, based on the amount of Moosejaw Rewards loyalty program points a user has, showed the company that users with points had higher open, click and conversion metrics than those without points. “In one particular test, we saw users with points had 125 per cent higher open rates, 168 per cent higher click rates, and our conversion rate was up a whopping 461 per cent, showing us that engaged users who buy into our brand, even a little bit, can be a huge boost to our bottom line,” says Comerford.