London Drainage Facilities

FSE Online helped London Drainage Facilities generate traffic and enquiries by improving their organic listings for a range of search terms


London Drainage Facilities (LDF) approached FSE Online in June 2014 looking for a long term search marketing partner. They tasked our SEO consultants with improving LDF’s organic listings for a mix of localised and broad search terms to generate more web traffic for the company and ultimately drive more enquiries to the sales division, whilst also maintaining brand values throughout every arm of the campaign.

The marketing team approached FSE with clear budget limitations in mind, allowing us to tailor a package to their specific needs.


As the client is operating in such a competitive industry, our consultants were keen to implement a multi-tiered strategy comprised of realistic short, medium and long term goals to generate exposure locally and nationwide. Our team needed to ensure that the campaign was targeting a suitable selection of keywords that were going to bring relevant traffic to the site.

FSE also identified that ongoing consultancy would be needed to ensure our efforts were consistently in line with LDF’s overall marketing strategy.



FSE Online optimises and monitors a range of internal pages to increase exposure for the company’s core services and add as much value as possible to the campaign.

In the first instance, a full onsite review was carried out to assess the site’s ranking eligibility and identify areas for improvement. A number of key edits to the site’s page content and metadata were implemented.

Since then, FSE has used a varied selection of link building techniques to increase the power and authority of the client’s domain. Our consultants have worked extensively with authoritative online directories to drive traffic from external sources; we have invested heavily in a comprehensive content marketing plan for the client, publishing timely blogs and press releases on the LDF website and with external bloggers for maximum reach in relevant online communities.

We have also ensured that LDF are making full use of Google products, including Google My Business and Google Analytics.

Website Optimisation

Aside from developing a tailored SEO campaign, FSE Online has taken a number of steps to improve the speed and functionality of LDF’s website in order to optimise the platform for the customer and the search engine crawlers.

FSE Online has worked closely with LDF to improve the content on many of the website’s core pages to enhance the user experience and bring the platform up to date. After several consultancies, design updates were implemented in many key sections, including ‘Meet the Team’, ‘Our Clients’, ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Case Studies’. We also identified and corrected server issues that were affecting site performance.

A full content cleanse was undertaken to identify and eliminate duplicate or ‘thin’ pages on the site that were offering no value to the reader and potentially hindering the site’s performance in search. Offending pages are being removed on an ongoing basis and the impact of these removals is being consistently monitored to ensure the process does not have a negative impact on SEO.

Conversion rates have been monitored with the use of a conversion optimisation tool.
Any updates to the website are sent out automatically to the company’s social media accounts, reducing the time spent administrating social profiles.


In an 18-month period, LDF’s organic rankings have improved substantially. The company is occupying position one on page one for the following keywords:

– ‘Drainage contractors London’
– ‘Drainage company London’
– ‘Drainage companies London’
– ‘Drain maintenance London’

LDF has consistently ranked within the top three organic positions for competitive keywords such as ‘drainage contractors’ and ‘drainage company’, and enjoys a strong presence in the Maps listings for localised search terms.

Most importantly, LDF has reported a tangible increase in high quality enquiries as a result of the search campaign.