Agency: KMP Digitata

The Challenge

Spaceslide, the UK’s number one online retailer of made-to-measure sliding wardrobes asked KMP Digitata to develop an ecommerce website to increase conversion rates through mobile or tablet. This (along with its sister site Brilliant Project) was among the first 2 ecommerce sites launched with Sitecore and Ucommerce combined. KMP  have built Spaceslide a website that guides the user through what could have been a complicated sales process (involving multiple visits and a mix of on/offline engagement) with ease and consistency. The incorporation of bespoke furniture configurator tools, integrated with a third party ERP system are used to streamline Spaceslide’s’ business processes and reduce material waste.

Crucially, KMP used the Sitecore DMS to provide a process of continual site optimisation following the initial launch. This, combined with the carefully thought out user experience design executed during the build ensures that the conversion rates and revenue continue to improve.

The Strategy

KMP’s main objective was to increase Spaceslide’s conversion and revenue by creating a user-centric site that acts as an extension to the Spaceslide Showrooms. The site needed to allow the user to create and buy their ideal tailored storage furniture with ease and confidence. The main objective was to increase sales. This is the first site in the world to employ Sitecore and uCommerce together, the current recommended approach for Sitecore sites that includes transactional features. KMP’s main objective was to create a user-centric themed site that allow users to view a full range of materials and design options, such that visitors felt confident purchasing goods online and easy to use on the go. Sitecore features a highly intuitive CMS, as well as a whole host of innovative marketing tools. The ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality it offers allows even the most complex requirements to handled, while its scalable nature means it can be extended in line with evolving ambitions and changing needs.


KMP’s main objective was to increase conversions by creating a user-centric site that acts as an extension to the Spaceslide Showrooms, allowing users to explore and configure a full range of materials and design options.

Working with Spaceslide’s existing design agency, KMP built on a suite of user experience work that had already been carried out to identify the opportunity to deliver a site on a platform that would fulfil the organisations aspirations. Allowing Spaceslide to become a more integrated business and build stronger, more personalised relationships with their customers – the ultimate aim being to deliver a tailored site experience to match the service led showroom experience and ultimately drive more sales.

After a thorough evaluation, Sitecore and uCommerce were selected as the platforms to deliver the vision. Operating at the cutting edge of CMS and E-commerce solutions allowed KMP to deliver a world’s first and unlock the power of Sitecore’s experience platform to drive sales conversion.

The site is built around giving a user the inspiration and the tools to create beautiful, individual sliding storage solutions (wardrobes to you and I). The challenge in this was to deliver a solution that would provide the power and flexibility to design a solution without being too complex. At the centre of this development is a JavaScript tool that handles complex logic to provide a simple user interface to design a wardrobe.

Research & Background

From an end-user’s perspective the Spaceslide site only worked on desktop so they were restricting themselves from gaining potential customers who were mainly using tablets.

Engagement plans have helped Spaceslide track customer behaviour and been used to trigger marketing emails to prompt a sale. The previous bespoke system did not have an email module or page/experience editor and was difficult to use.

With complex user journeys around the configurator (including journeys that may end offline) it was important that the site was considered as part of a multi-platform approach, and there has been a great deal of integration with Spaceslide’s back office and showroom business, integrating with Dynamics AX, SagePay, Ekomi, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

By utilising Sitecore CEP and uCommerce, it has enabled Spaceslide to deliver powerful marketing automation around key user journeys and continuous conversion rate optimisation through multivariate and A/B testing – that can all be handled from within the CMS. Ensuring conversion rates are always maximised – including with basket abandoners and users creating configurations.

The Results

The checkout process was updated to be as quick, easy and safe as possible and ensure that abandonment rates were kept to a minimum rate. KMP also integrated SagePay as the payment gateway for taking payment to deliver a site which takes secure payments which not only enriched their brand as a trusted manufacturer but also it successfully increased the chances of sale conversions. In the period following launch there was a 25 per cent uplift in sales compared to the same time the previous year. This was an exceptional result and ensured Spaceslide had their best January in 2015. This is against a backdrop of falling sales in the market as a whole. That success continued through the year. The recent 2015 Black Friday campaign used triggered emails and graduated engagement (making use of Sitecore’s data-led marketing tools) and led to significant sales revenue. The Black Friday discount worked especially well as a ‘closer’ for customers who were engaged to some extent but either lapsed or showed low engagement levels.

A secondary outcome with the system as a whole has been a reduction in wastage. Thanks to integration with Sagepay and Dynamics AX, Spaceslide save time, raw materials and resource and fewer mistakes are made from human error. The site is therefore delivering real cost savings to the business.